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Cylinder Block: At the heart of the M2X146 is the cylinder block, where the hydraulic fluid is pressurized.

The cylinder block is finely machined to provide a smooth and efficient flow of hydraulic oil, reducing energy loss and heat generation.

Piston Assembly: The piston assembly consists of pistons and shoes that reciprocate within the cylinder block. These components play a critical role in pressurizing the hydraulic fluid and generating the required force to drive the swing motion.

Swash Plate: The swash plate is a key part that controls the angle of the pistons, regulating the displacement of the pump. This adjustment enables precise control of the hydraulic flow and pressure, making it suitable for various applications.

Bearings and Seals: To ensure smooth operation and prevent leakage, the M2X146 is equipped with high-quality bearings and seals. These components reduce friction and prevent the ingress of contaminants, enhancing the pump's overall reliability.

Displacement: The M2X146 swing motor hydraulic pump has a displacement of approximately 146 cm³ per revolution.

This displacement determines the volume of hydraulic fluid delivered per rotation and is a crucial factor in calculating the pump's output.

Pressure Rating: This hydraulic pump is designed to operate at high pressures, typically in the range of 250 to 350 bar (3,625 to 5,076 psi). The ability to handle high-pressure applications makes it suitable for a wide range of heavy machinery.

Flow Rate: The flow rate of the M2X146 can vary depending on the specific application and operating conditions. It can deliver a flow of up to 300 liters per minute (79.25 gallons per minute) at full capacity, ensuring efficient hydraulic power delivery.

Mounting Options: The M2X146 is designed for easy integration into hydraulic systems, with various mounting options available to suit different equipment configurations. This versatility makes it a preferred choice for OEMs and equipment manufacturers.
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