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Type of Motor: The SK200-6 swing motor is a hydraulic motor, specifically designed to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical rotational motion.

It operates using hydraulic fluid supplied by the excavator's hydraulic system.

Manufacturer: This swing motor is typically manufactured by reputable companies specializing in heavy machinery components. Kato itself produces high-quality swing motors for its excavators.

Power Output: The power output of the SK200-6 swing motor can vary depending on the specific model and generation. However, it is generally designed to provide sufficient torque and speed to rotate the upper structure of the excavator efficiently.

Hydraulic System Compatibility: This swing motor is engineered to work seamlessly with the hydraulic system of the Kato SK200-6 excavator. It's essential for the motor to be compatible with the excavator's hydraulic specifications to ensure optimal performance.

Mounting and Installation: The swing motor is typically mounted within the upper structure of the excavator, connecting to the swing gear and swing pinion. Proper installation is crucial to ensure the motor's correct operation.

Materials and Durability: Swing motors are constructed using high-quality materials such as steel and various alloys to ensure durability and longevity.

These components are subjected to significant stress during operation, so robust construction is essential.

Sealing and Contamination Control: The SK200-6 swing motor is equipped with sealing mechanisms to prevent hydraulic fluid leaks and contamination from entering the motor. This is crucial for maintaining the motor's efficiency and preventing damage.

Maintenance Requirements: Regular maintenance is necessary to keep the swing motor in optimal condition. This includes periodic inspections, lubrication, and potential repairs or replacements of worn-out components.

Safety Features: Safety features such as pressure relief valves are often integrated into the motor's design to prevent damage due to excessive pressure in the hydraulic system.

Environmental Considerations: The motor's design may also include eco-friendly features to reduce environmental impact, such as leak prevention and efficient energy usage.

Availability of Spare Parts: It's important for operators and maintenance teams to have access to spare parts for the SK200-6 swing motor. Manufacturers and distributors typically offer a range of replacement components to support maintenance and repairs.
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